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The Website NYC Workshops Covers More than Just One Kind of Workshop and Includes Teachers, Yoga, Photography and Leadership

NYC Workshops
Yoga is just one kind of workshop. There are all kinds of workshops in New York City which is what NYC Workshops is all about.

NYC Workshops Since 2013

One of the reasons that we’ve been around for a while is because, to quote a clique, we believe that “variety is the spice of life.” Seriously, we do. Which is why we’ve featured all different workshops on this blog on things like teachers, yoga, photography and leadership.

NYC Workshops for Teachers

NYC workshops for teachers was one of the original reasons why we started the NYC Workshops Blog in the first place. We believe strongly in education and believed that we could be of service to educators. So some of our first topics involved education in one way or another and still does today. And interestingly enough, the New York Public Library with which we have worked on many occasions is hosting NYC workshops for teachers:

“NYPL Teaching & Learning staff are available to collaborate with administrators, school library media personnel, or school instructional staff to create workshops around primary sources, digital tools, research and literacy supports that meet your teaching needs.”

NYC Workshops Yoga Oriented

NYC workshops that are yoga oriented have also over time proved to be useful to visitors. Although not located in the city (hey, people from all over the country read this blog) does seem to have some crowd pleasers. Here’s how they describe what they’re doing on their website:

“Upcoming workshops. Deepen your practice. Immerse yourself in a style, technique or approach over the course of a day, weekend or recurring series. Workshops are open to nonmembers.”

Workshops NYC Photography

Photography is a category that comes up a lot, although we’ve never really had an opportunity to publish anything about it. New York did some nice coverage on Photography with their article on the best photography classes NYC has to offer:

“Want to take photography classes? NYC not only provides the picturesque backdrop for photo taking, it’s also a great resource for educating yourself on shutter speeds or editing software.”

Workshops NYC Leadership

Who would have thought it, but there are workshops available in New York City on Leadership. In fact there are several organizations dedicated exclusively to it (you’ve gotta love New York). One of these is NYC Leadership Academy in Long Island City that’s been around since 2003 so they must be doing something right. And on their site they have a page of professional offerings that is a list of all their latest workshops on many different aspects of being a leader. Also, their “History” page details how they got started:

“The Leadership Academy started in 2003 with our groundbreaking Aspiring Principals Program, which trained more than 550 principals, most of them women and leaders of color, who have served in some of New York City’s most challenging schools.”

In Closing

So there you have it. Four kinds of workshops on one blog. What’s most important to us though is what YOU want to see on this site. Drop us a line and who knows, maybe YOU will become a guest blogger too!