There is a lot of misuse out there in regards to “Spiritual” Workshops. There is a stream of gurus lined up to help you see the light. They all need to make money to survive just like anyone else, therefore when trying to get your business, their claims get more and more absurd,

Spiritual Workshops

Recently I experienced an evening where my already flat feet finally lost all of my tiny bit of arch left, causing unbelievable pain. Juxtaposed with this occurrence, my family and myself attended a “New Age” (for lack of better name) trade show where individuals were pitching their spiritual workshops.

Promotional Claims

They were all seated behind tables like at any other convention, with each spiritualist explaining why she or he was the best in the room and could make you feel good about yourself the fastest.

Finding the Meaning of Life

Walking around booth to booth to booth we never did fine the meaning of life, though we did get a lot of brochures for it. My final loss of my arch didn’t occur until the walking to our New York subway to take us home. I tried to read marketing materials from the psychics while on the train, but my feet hurt too much. I didn’t need a chaneller¬† in touch with infinity. I needed a DPM (Doctor of Podiatric Medicine).