Online Workshops

No Longer In-Person

Many folks in the big city are finding the pursuit of education to be a satisfying pastime. Time is something we have been gifted by the Coronavirus and learning new things is a positive way to fill that time. Workshops continue, only that they are now on the web.

Paying for It

There are all kinds of free workshops on the internet, but there is also a rising surge in paid education experiences. With more time on their hands and boredom setting in, people are more likely now than before to shell out money seeking education.

Are You Taking a Class?

I see it in my own household. Just last night my wife and our daughter were talking about looking for a mother/daughter workshop experience since Mother’s Day is a week from tomorrow. Are you doing anything with education online?

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eBooks are the New Workshops

Turbulent Times

We are living in difficult times. Seeking solutions daily because of restrictions that exist. One of these challenges is still getting a good education and possible adaptation to a new vocation or approach.

The New Way

Live workshops that physically necessitate being there live and in person no longer work. An obvious alternative is to watch videos on the topic you are interested in. One thing that may not come right to mind are eBooks.

eBooks as a Resource

eBooks are a great and inexpensive way to learn new skills in these challenging days. Live workshops are out (except when live streamed on the web) and eBooks are in. A new place online to get eBooks that is growing quickly is USA How To.

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USA HOW TO Write a Comedy Blog

Your Very Own Comedy Workshop

Are you not naturally funny but wish that you could be? Do you get jokes sometime days later? Are you not a quick wit? Would you like to write a comedy blog? If you answered “yes” to all of these questions then this blog post could be for you. On the other hand, if you could not relate to all four of the questions, please stop reading now. You are not comedically challenged and therefore none of this will be helpful to you.

A Secret to Being Humorous

Let’s examine the 4 questions and look at what they can reveal in terms of useful information that could be of interest to someone who does not consider herself or himself to be very funny. Chances are you are closer to being hilarious than you might think. If you are someone who comes up with a punchline or interjection of humor hours after you attempted to participate in group’s one liner banter, then taking time is your friend. Specifically taking time with writing.

What is Funny to You?

Write something down that is funny to you. For example I am one half of the comedy team called the Stamas Bros. Our brand of humor is definitely not for everyone. It is absurdist comedy that comes about through a slow process because I do not necessarily consider myself as someone who possesses a funny bone. So instead of having to instantaneously come up with quick comedy add-ons in group conversations, I first start with something that’s funny to me and then build on it at my own pace.


For example, the Stamas Bros’ latest escapade is facing the discovery that the world is ending on Tuesday. One of the bros is a guitarist and has a music gig on that same night. What is he to do? Now again, many of you will not find that premise just shared as deserving even a sneer let alone an all out hoot. Why? Because the idea is absurd and ridiculous. The globe isn’t going to have a meltdown on the day after Monday. It’s actually going to come about a year later as explored in the Stamas Bros’ latest installment.

An Unfunny Person

If I can be funny then so can you. I am the ultimate unfunny person in groups who says dumb things when trying to crack a spontaneous joke. But I am much better when taking the time to write my chortles down. I am more likely to get a guffaw by realizing that comedy can come from absurd situations.

It’s All About the Premise

Can you think of something absurd? Maybe weird is a better word or even zany. Just write about two things that would normally not be thought of as going together. Just like our example where a guy has a gig on the same day that life as we know it is being terminated. Music performance versus Armageddon. An unlikely pair. And a Stamas Bros episode is born.

Comedy is Hard

This is just one of so many ways of being amusing. Start watching comedies more closely, maybe even read comedy books. Be analytical and figure out why something in particular tickles your funny bones. There are many reasons something can cause a giggle.

Find the Key

Figure out what you find that brings a ha-ha-ha out of you. Then take your time as you utilize your observations of stuff that makes you cackle. If you find something chuckle-worthy chances are that others will as well. So take your time being funny as you write blog posts. You might even make your readers go tee-hee.

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Are You Using Digital Marketing Properly?

Market Yourself

There are all different kinds of ways of marketing yourself. For example, the Stamas Bros use humor and Web Design Magician uses magic. But regardless of the way you promote yourself, you need to have a well thought out strategic approach of getting the word out there. That’s where social media can com into effect. Social media is very much here and is not going anywhere soon. So for this NYC Workshops edition we’re going to take a gander at various things you can do in conjunction with your social, what they do and how they are helpful for someone wanting to market themselves.

Enhancing Your Skill Set

First off, even if you are pretty versed in social, you still may need to go back to the basics. Consider starting at zero again just so you are certain your foundation is solid. This is not about becoming a beginner again, but rather on heightening the impact your current skill set has.

See It Through Their Eyes

The first thing to look at is your content. Is it not leading the reader to follow through and take the action you desire her or him to do? If so this could be the need to work on the content, putting yourself in the place of the prospect. When performing live, Web Design Magician draws the audience in with illusion and entertainment.

Check the Efficiency of Your Solutions

Not getting action from your content on your social platforms could be due to not thinking things through as though you were the target demographic reading it. Is this exciting and offers a true solution to the problem of your demographic? If not, rework it.

The All Important CTA (Call to Action)

Sometimes not getting results can be due to not having had enough of a foundation in developing calls to action. You may need to seek out the help of professionals such as those at Web Design Magician or by taking a comedic look at the process of self promotion from the humorous Stamas Bros.

Linked In

Are you on Linked In? Chances are that you are, but are you making the best possible use of it? This means again putting yourself into the head space of the viewer and deciding if what you are offering is going to trigger action. And as mentioned earlier, sometimes humor is the way to do this. It certainly is with the Stamas Bros.

Prepare for that First Impression

The key here is personal branding. Everything you say, do or show is a part of the branding process of you and your business or career. You want to have it all planned out in advance because as the saying goes, you never get a second chance at a first impression.

Working with Influencers

Another path to consider is getting influencers and ambassadors on board. But if you do go this route you’re going to want to be sure to be available as a resource to them in terms of your business so that they can do the best job possible on your behalf.

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In Support of Artists of All Kinds

Working on projects meant to help performing and visual artists.

Educational Project

At NYC Workshops, we’ve been working with NYC AIM for a long time. We’ve gotten to the point that we can actually finish sentences for each other. So it made sense that we’d do an educational project together. And this is exactly what we’re doing!

What Makes Artists Tick?

We’re fortunate in having a third collaborator which is the welcoming in of NYC Housing Lottery. They have a good perspective of artist housing, especially in Manhattan, NY. So they really understand what makes artists tick.

Climb the Mountain

What is the project we’re working on together? It’s tentatively called “How to Make Money as an Artist” and it is exactly what it sounds like. We’re creating a tutorial to get out of the low riches state and now instead to climb up the mountain of cash!

There’s Nothing Wrong with Being Successful

It doesn’t make you any less of an artist just because you make a good living. And in fact, those who do are often capable of even more of a creative output.

Feel Good About Yourself

When you’re not plagued the worry of not having enough money, you can focus on your art! That’s what “How to Make Money as an Artist” is all about – leading you to that inner place of feeling good about yourself so you can create.

The Digital Tools

But the process is not just about the mind and psychology. It is also about having the tools and knowing how to use them. These components are also to be in the tutorial.

A Date is Looming

As I write this I find myself feeling kind of badly that we can’t offer this to you right now, because some of you may find it helpful. But as you may recall, we are not quite finished with the work, nor is it possible to give any tangible date as to when it will be completed. This depends on how long our collaboration with NYC AIM will take.

Get the Educational Project for Free

Also, before we formerly release the piece, we will probably want to do some Beta testing which, if you are interested, would be a way of getting the program for free. So keep your eyes on this site for more to come as well as on the sites of our collaborators such as NYC Housing Lottery!

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John Yianni Stamas Explains the New Online NYC Workshop Process

First the Library and Now This

Currently in the works Stamas has a USA eLearning website that will be opening soon and received its inspiration from NYC Create as well as NYC Workshops, both of which are in some ways a continuation from his NYC Workshops days of teaching media and writing classes at the New York Public Library.

For Artists and Business People

Now Stamas is focusing on USA eLearning, a partner with, using the internet as a way of making courses available to folks all across the country. The niche that USA eLearning will provide is strategies for small business owners and artists of all kinds.

Want to Be an Expert in Your Field?

These strategies will be on important topics for the success of entrepreneurs such as “How to Get New Customers,” which is even a website itself at Additional areas of interest will be courses that show you how to establish yourself as an expert in your field by putting out your own online course. Some say that profitable online courses are even more prestigious than writing a book. And according to NYC Workshops, creating a course is very simple!

A Side Note for Artists of Any Kind

A side note for artists of any kind is that in order to achieve your goals it is also helpful to have a good living situation as in housing seen at NYC Housing Lottery. We mention this in conjunction with our ongoing support for you at many different levels. We have a lot of good stuff in mind to help you.

Strategic Programing

Depending on how the early launches pay off, also possibly in the works will be eBooks along the same lines. NYC Create and NYC Housing Lottery might also get involved with the process further down the line. The idea is to become the one stop shop for strategic programing.

Take Actionable Steps

NYC Create could potentially provide programming that helps people attain their goals which is very useful in the context of looking at strategic action plans. The key is to come up with actionable content that cuts to the quick and gets you where you want to be quicker.

Find What Fits You

And of course every successful person needs a nice place to live which is what NYC Housing Lottery would provide. Ways for artists and small business owners as well as entrepreneurs to get the housing that best fits them and their needs.

6 Steps or 19?

Probably the project that has the most push behind it is “How to Get New Customers” which in addition to being a website already has several educational properties that are available. The first is getting new customers in 7 steps, the methodology after that is getting new customers in 6 steps and the third is getting new customers in 19 steps.

19 Steps Rule!

A question that often comes up when discussing these products is that why would someone want to get new customers in 19 steps when they could do so in just 6? Good question. It would seem that 6 would be father than 19? In one sense yes, but the real difference is that the 19 steps get longer overall benefits.

Get New Customers, Clients and Fans

The reason that many people are excited about trying to get selected for the 19 step information is that they know that it is the same ACAS (Automatic Client Acquisition System) that uses to get its new customers, clients and fans. And to think that it was all inspired by NYC Create!

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Have you done an action plan lately?

The latest post on the blog, might be of interest to educators. It consists of encouraging words regarding your action plan. According to the entry, everyone needs an action plan and the more simple the better. Wait, I’m not going to give it away. Check it out here.

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Can a Magician Save this Blog?

Getting NYC Workshops Back on Track

It’s been a good 8 or 9 months or so since the last blog entry on this blog. That’s a pretty long time. I’ve been asked by the editor of this publication to infuse NYC Workshops with a little bit of relevance, at least to the point of doing a short article. Who am I? I’m actually a former magician who last performed as a conjurer in his late teens as a semi-pro prestidigitator. My big last live show was something I staged in my high school theater that combined a storyline with magic tricks and media. Not such a big deal now, but that was a long time ago. What does being a magician have to do with getting this NYC Workshops blog back on track?

Another Kind of Workshop

The answer is that today I’m going to be talking not about where you can go to attend a workshop, but rather how you can throw a workshop for yourself. You see, it’s been nearly 40 years since I last performed in my top hat and cape (wow, 40, really!) and now need an organized way to get my performance mojo happening again. My decision of how to achieve this – which has been working – is to add a trick a day to my magic trick list. In other words I perform an effect for my wife and daughter and if they give their thumbs up, it gets added to my list. In truth I’m only at magic trick #2 but so far it’s been going pretty well. How hard can it be to reach a dozen or so or even more?!

In Closing

Do you have something, a skill of some kind, that you’d like to get going again? If so, before jumping into an expensive workshop, consider giving a workshop…for yourself! It’s magic!

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The Website NYC Workshops Covers More than Just One Kind of Workshop and Includes Teachers, Yoga, Photography and Leadership

NYC Workshops

Yoga is just one kind of workshop. There are all kinds of workshops in New York City which is what NYC Workshops is all about.

NYC Workshops Since 2013

One of the reasons that we’ve been around for a while is because, to quote a clique, we believe that “variety is the spice of life.” Seriously, we do. Which is why we’ve featured all different workshops on this blog on things like teachers, yoga, photography and leadership.

NYC Workshops for Teachers

NYC workshops for teachers was one of the original reasons why we started the NYC Workshops Blog in the first place. We believe strongly in education and believed that we could be of service to educators. So some of our first topics involved education in one way or another and still does today. And interestingly enough, the New York Public Library with which we have worked on many occasions is hosting NYC workshops for teachers:

“NYPL Teaching & Learning staff are available to collaborate with administrators, school library media personnel, or school instructional staff to create workshops around primary sources, digital tools, research and literacy supports that meet your teaching needs.”

NYC Workshops Yoga Oriented

NYC workshops that are yoga oriented have also over time proved to be useful to visitors. Although not located in the city (hey, people from all over the country read this blog) does seem to have some crowd pleasers. Here’s how they describe what they’re doing on their website:

“Upcoming workshops. Deepen your practice. Immerse yourself in a style, technique or approach over the course of a day, weekend or recurring series. Workshops are open to nonmembers.”

Workshops NYC Photography

Photography is a category that comes up a lot, although we’ve never really had an opportunity to publish anything about it. New York did some nice coverage on Photography with their article on the best photography classes NYC has to offer:

“Want to take photography classes? NYC not only provides the picturesque backdrop for photo taking, it’s also a great resource for educating yourself on shutter speeds or editing software.”

Workshops NYC Leadership

Who would have thought it, but there are workshops available in New York City on Leadership. In fact there are several organizations dedicated exclusively to it (you’ve gotta love New York). One of these is NYC Leadership Academy in Long Island City that’s been around since 2003 so they must be doing something right. And on their site they have a page of professional offerings that is a list of all their latest workshops on many different aspects of being a leader. Also, their “History” page details how they got started:

“The Leadership Academy started in 2003 with our groundbreaking Aspiring Principals Program, which trained more than 550 principals, most of them women and leaders of color, who have served in some of New York City’s most challenging schools.”

In Closing

So there you have it. Four kinds of workshops on one blog. What’s most important to us though is what YOU want to see on this site. Drop us a line and who knows, maybe YOU will become a guest blogger too!

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NYC Workshops for Actors: 6 of the Best Acting Classes in New York City

Broadway Dreams in Manhattan, NY

Broadway Dreams in Manhattan, NY

T. Schreiber Studio

Since 1969, the T Schreiber Studio has been committed to the development of vital artists in theatre, film and television. Our studio and theatre work to provide an environment that nourishes artists throughout their careers while constantly engaging new audiences.

HB Studio

HB Studio is a school created by theater artists. We believe in a process of training that is essential to all the performing arts. We offer a rigorous, well-rounded curriculum of study for committed students of all levels where the actor’s unique potential is cultivated and encouraged. We provide a haven for working professionals, free from commercial pressures. Working in partnership with the HB Playwrights Foundation and Theatre, we uphold a standard of performance that can play a significant role in shaping today’s contemporary and classical theater – a standard envisioned by our founder, actor/director Herbert Berghof, and championed by the actor and master teacher Uta Hagen.

The Barrow Group

Led by TBG co-Artistic Directors (Seth Barrish and Lee Brock) and Executive Director (Robert Serrell), The Barrow Group Performing Arts School, located in New York City, offers professional and emerging artists training in acting, directing, playwriting and screenwriting. You can view our upcoming class schedule here.

At the heart of the Barrow Group Approach is the desire to promote clear and concise tools of the trade. These tools are outlined and published in “An Actor’s Companion – 99 Bits of Craft” by Seth Barrish, TBG’s founder and co-Artistic Director.

Ted Bardy Studio

Located in Manhattan’s thriving theater district, The Ted Bardy Acting Studio is recognized internationally as the BEST PIRVATE, INDEPENDENT ACTING SCHOOL IN NEW YORK CITY. Dedicated artists may enroll in the Studio’s unique all-encompassing 3-Phase Meisner-Based Acting Program. The Ted Bardy Acting Studio offers a creative home to not only study the Meisner acting technique for Stage, Film, and TV work, but also teaches a specific, pragmatic approach to auditioning. Our actors also gain experience acting for stage in the Studio’s One Sky Performance Space, and acquire footage acting in the Studio’s short films.

Primary Stages Einhorn School of Performing Arts

The Primary Stages Einhorn School of Performing Arts (ESPA)’s multidisciplinary classes have trained playwrights, actors, and directors in all stages of their development and from all corners of the globe. Our focus is on nurturing, advocating, and honoring emerging artists by providing them countless developmental opportunities, space to write and rehearse, and a family of collaborators. Students benefit from a kaleidoscope of perspectives and methods from our award-winning family of instructors—all working theater artists in NYC and around the country.

The New York Acting School for Film and Television

Learn the craft of film acting, build your resume and a reel through the experience of acting a leading role in a short film or movie scene which will be directed by the instructor. In this acting class, you will work on: scene study, interacting with other actors, listening and responding, character development, being in the moment for multiple takes, improvisations and exercises to improve your technique, various “tricks of the trade”, taking and implementing precise direction, and how to adjust your performance for various camera angles and shots.

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