NYC Create and Art Gush bring the NYC Workshops Mission to Life

Art Gush Empowerment

Art Gush Empowerment

Traditionally NYC Workshops did its workshops live and in person. For years this occurred at the New York Public Library. Despite all the success that the workshops had there was something missing: not enough people were being reached with the programs. NYC Workshops had created wonderful courses but their content was something that was meant to share. Therefore in August of 2016, the Art Gush educational website was born. Initially the content featured the weekly and daily behind-the-scenes of the making of a feature film for less than 500 dollars. Literally 3 steps a day, seven days a week, those who were Art Gush members had the opportunity to learn first hand what to do if ever they ever wanted to make their own full length movie.

Then in April, 2018 NYC Create made its entrance. The loop was complete. NYC Create took on the job of letting folks know what the latest content was on Art Gush as well as presented tips to help artists of all kinds – musicians, writers, filmmakers etc. – promote themselves. In fact, NYC Create took on doing the newsletter that had been the domain of Lights Camera Read for years.

If you’re interested in learning more as well as being able to sign up for the NYC Create newsletter, you can do so at the NYC Create website.

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John Yianni Stamas on Fundraising

John Yianni Stamas wrote an article on how to raise funds for a creative project. The article looks at two methods. Read the article and decide which one you like the best!

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Artist Entrepreneurs

If you are an artistic person you may want to consider becoming an entrepreneur also known as ArtisticPreneur. The online courses at Art Gush are specifically developed to help ArtisticPreneurs take their careers to the next level.

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Yianni Stamas says that the Tradition of the Platinum Pias come out of NYC Workshops

The tradition of the Platinum PIAs Community Awards Show come out of NYC workshops! Back in 2010 after doing a community parade and community workshops, the PIAs were founded. And now all these years later they are still in motion. In fact tomorrow is the awards ceremony. If you would like to attend please go here.

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Magic Neighbors Platinum PIAs Winner

Platinum PIAs Excitement

Platinum PIAs Excitement

The Third Annual Platinum PIAs Awards in December 2012 occurred at the Helen Mills Theater in Manhattan. Lights Camera Read produced the First Annual Platinum PIAs in 2010 at the Tribeca Screening Room. For the Second Annual PIAs in 2011, Dramatics NYC came on board as a sponsor.

The mission of Lights Camera Read is to engage the community, businesses and artists in a collaborative educational process. The PIAs in turn give recognition to those who participate in this educational process. PIAs are presented in a variety of categories under two major headings which are community outreach and the beauty arts.

Hair stylist Harliquin “Harley” Merva is a unique example of someone who bridges “beauty arts” and “community outreach” and hence he received the Magic Neighbors Platinum PIA. Harliquin is both a sought after hair stylist as well as an accomplished theater director. He put both these skills to work when he was a guest artist with the Magic Neighbors Theater Company and performed for children of shelters at the Morrisania Branch of the New York Public Library.

And part of the excitement at the 2012 Platinum PIAs was the premier of a preview of “Lovington”. The “Lovington” number “Love Boat” was the grand finale of the PIAs last year and was a singing and dancing spectacular.

Harley is heading up the Star Stylist Platinum PIA division for this year’s PIAs.And now as we move toward the 4th Annual Platinum PIAs coming in January 2014, there is a heightened anticipation in regards to Harley’s participation.

This year during the countdown he is working with nine emerging hair stylists, each from a different Dramatics NYC salon location in Manhattan and each of whom is dedicated to honoring through hair fashion a particular New York profession.

For example, Levi – who is a talented stylist from the Dramatics West Village location – will be doing a hair fashion homage to New York City Make Up Artists.

Other professions being honored through fashion include Teachers, Musicians, Artists,  Actors/Dancers, Firefighters,  Secretaries, Hospital Staff  and Veterans.

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