In Support of Artists of All Kinds

Working on projects meant to help performing and visual artists.

Educational Project

At NYC Workshops, we’ve been working with NYC AIM for a long time. We’ve gotten to the point that we can actually finish sentences for each other. So it made sense that we’d do an educational project together. And this is exactly what we’re doing!

What Makes Artists Tick?

We’re fortunate in having a third collaborator which is the welcoming in of NYC Housing Lottery. They have a good perspective of artist housing, especially in Manhattan, NY. So they really understand what makes artists tick.

Climb the Mountain

What is the project we’re working on together? It’s tentatively called “How to Make Money as an Artist” and it is exactly what it sounds like. We’re creating a tutorial to get out of the low riches state and now instead to climb up the mountain of cash!

There’s Nothing Wrong with Being Successful

It doesn’t make you any less of an artist just because you make a good living. And in fact, those who do are often capable of even more of a creative output.

Feel Good About Yourself

When you’re not plagued the worry of not having enough money, you can focus on your art! That’s what “How to Make Money as an Artist” is all about – leading you to that inner place of feeling good about yourself so you can create.

The Digital Tools

But the process is not just about the mind and psychology. It is also about having the tools and knowing how to use them. These components are also to be in the tutorial.

A Date is Looming

As I write this I find myself feeling kind of badly that we can’t offer this to you right now, because some of you may find it helpful. But as you may recall, we are not quite finished with the work, nor is it possible to give any tangible date as to when it will be completed. This depends on how long our collaboration with NYC AIM will take.

Get the Educational Project for Free

Also, before we formerly release the piece, we will probably want to do some Beta testing which, if you are interested, would be a way of getting the program for free. So keep your eyes on this site for more to come as well as on the sites of our collaborators such as NYC Housing Lottery!

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