Clearly what was originally known as the Corona-19 Virus changed everything quickly, including creating a new way that the majority of people used when it came to education. NYC Workshops had to pivot and with pre-existing students was able to teach in a new way for NYC Workshops which was to go online.

This proved initially to be quite uncomfortable. There was quite a learning curve. But as systems began to fall into place, it was clear that long term, given that there would be a “New Normal” we would get back to, learning on the web was bigger than ever.

NYC Workshops as a group of volunteers, has made its presence known in a variety of ways, but none of them relied on, ironically, word of mouth on the internet. Instead it was just old style word of mouth, which though, sometimes did occur via technology used for communication between people.

And the push to doing what you do online, turned out to be a good thing. It widened who you could reach. NYC Workshops no longer had to just be for New Yorkers. It could reach people all over the country or even world. And the idea of being able to get courses or even short form strategies just continues to surge.

Enter projects like the work-in-progress one known as METHOD HOW. There is no proper website for this learning entity at the time of writing this, but there might be now as of when you read these words.