The New FORMULATING of Doing NYC Workshops No Longer In-Person while Trying to Find a New Path Online

For quite some time, including at this very moment as we type, we are unable to do in-person workshops. Although some are willing to brave it, most of our students still do not feel comfortable taking subways, thereby being thrust in an environment indoors which can put people very close to each other.

NAMING for Success?

Reinventing appears to not be perceived by local small businesses as an option, let alone changing their store’s name. Clearly just changing what people call their establishment is not going to have any magical outcomes in the physical locations, but if done in connection with a new website and digital transformation gives them the chance to better encapsulate in their title all of the new services and products

DIGITIZING Not an Option for Several Businesses?

Even though as of late many people pack into buses, it is not clear what their destinations are. It appears they are not going out to shop because entrepreneurs in large number are having to pull the plugs out of their retail locations.

What Do Fish have in Common with Public Transformation?

Here in Manhattan when I take a bus, it seems as though those who prior avidly traveled by subway (such as myself) are taking this new mode of transportation to escape the very real underground threats like violent fellow riders looking for a scapegoat and trains stopping leading to hysteria, plus like what happened just last year which was a flood that led to deaths in those trains below the metropolis. But worse of all from my perspective with the buses is the thriving for COVID due to people being in “Sardine Mode.”

City Life

But with more New Yorkers now opting for this above ground travel option, the results are not pretty. Let’s put it this way, the virus loves a group of humans squashed together because of not having enough space. Also, since we live in Manhattan NY’s Inwood neighborhood that is adjacent to Washington Heights, of “In the Heights” fame, we put ourselves at great risk when venturing outside. This is due to recent data showing that these two areas have the highest number of COVID cases in the city. How did this happen? It could have something to do with what appears to be the norm thus far, that only a small amount of us who reside here actually wear masks. Hard to say.

The Virus Appears to Not Be Too Friendly to Companies that Do Best with the Old-Style Business Model Necessitating that Customers Literally Be in the Same Room as Merchants

As you likely know, now that COVID is reaching out as an unwanted pal, sadly some businesses, despite trying every technique possible in their industry, have ultimately been forced to close. Yet simultaneously, other small business entrepreneurs have flourished. Those entities that have survived seem to be able to do much, or all, of their interactions with patrons digitally, while those who have had to close their doors tend to require an approach that is in-person.

Closing Thoughts

As we leave you for today, it is interesting to note that the topic has come up which is the two business models of retailers, those who can only function in-person, as opposed to those that either partially or fully can-do business digitally.