Step by Step Marketing

John Yianni Stamas Explains the New Online NYC Workshop Process

First the Library and Now This

Currently in the works Stamas has a USA eLearning website that will be opening soon and received its inspiration from NYC Create as well as NYC Workshops, both of which are in some ways a continuation from his NYC Workshops days of teaching media and writing classes at the New York Public Library.

For Artists and Business People

Now Stamas is focusing on USA eLearning, a partner with, using the internet as a way of making courses available to folks all across the country. The niche that USA eLearning will provide is strategies for small business owners and artists of all kinds.

Want to Be an Expert in Your Field?

These strategies will be on important topics for the success of entrepreneurs such as “How to Get New Customers,” which is even a website itself at Additional areas of interest will be courses that show you how to establish yourself as an expert in your field by putting out your own online course. Some say that profitable online courses are even more prestigious than writing a book. And according to NYC Workshops, creating a course is very simple!

A Side Note for Artists of Any Kind

A side note for artists of any kind is that in order to achieve your goals it is also helpful to have a good living situation as in housing seen at NYC Housing Lottery. We mention this in conjunction with our ongoing support for you at many different levels. We have a lot of good stuff in mind to help you.

Strategic Programing

Depending on how the early launches pay off, also possibly in the works will be eBooks along the same lines. NYC Create and NYC Housing Lottery might also get involved with the process further down the line. The idea is to become the one stop shop for strategic programing.

Take Actionable Steps

NYC Create could potentially provide programming that helps people attain their goals which is very useful in the context of looking at strategic action plans. The key is to come up with actionable content that cuts to the quick and gets you where you want to be quicker.

Find What Fits You

And of course every successful person needs a nice place to live which is what NYC Housing Lottery would provide. Ways for artists and small business owners as well as entrepreneurs to get the housing that best fits them and their needs.

6 Steps or 19?

Probably the project that has the most push behind it is “How to Get New Customers” which in addition to being a website already has several educational properties that are available. The first is getting new customers in 7 steps, the methodology after that is getting new customers in 6 steps and the third is getting new customers in 19 steps.

19 Steps Rule!

A question that often comes up when discussing these products is that why would someone want to get new customers in 19 steps when they could do so in just 6? Good question. It would seem that 6 would be father than 19? In one sense yes, but the real difference is that the 19 steps get longer overall benefits.

Get New Customers, Clients and Fans

The reason that many people are excited about trying to get selected for the 19 step information is that they know that it is the same ACAS (Automatic Client Acquisition System) that uses to get its new customers, clients and fans. And to think that it was all inspired by NYC Create!