Spiritual Workshops

Claims There is a lot of misuse out there in regards to “Spiritual” Workshops. There is a stream of gurus lined up to help you see the light. They all need to make money to survive just like anyone else, therefore when trying to get your business, their claims get more and more absurd, Spiritual […]

Can a Magician Save this Blog?

Getting NYC Workshops Back on Track It’s been a good 8 or 9 months or so since the last blog entry on this blog. That’s a pretty long time. I’ve been asked by the editor of this publication to infuse NYC Workshops with a little bit of relevance, at least to the point of doing […]

NYC Create and Art Gush bring the NYC Workshops Mission to Life

Traditionally NYC Workshops did its workshops live and in person. For years this occurred at the New York Public Library. Despite all the success that the workshops had there was something missing: not enough people were being reached with the programs. NYC Workshops had created wonderful courses but their content was something that was meant […]

Artist Entrepreneurs

If you are an artistic person you may want to consider becoming an entrepreneur also known as ArtisticPreneur. The online courses at Art Gush are specifically developed to help ArtisticPreneurs take their careers to the next level.