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Some Thoughts on Doing an Online Comedic Video Ad

Say you have decided to take the daring jump into using comedy in conjunction with an ad you are creating. You start to look around for research items that can help with the process.

And one big question that comes up often is that of trying to figure out where in the commercial should the laughs be placed?

We all seek value in our lives, a desire for meaning and connection. And humor can be a wonderful way to have a message that matters as well as makes a brand stand out.

If you hit on something deeply important to a target demographic you can get the best of two worlds, expressing something meaningful to them tied to the product while simultaneously evoking a smile from them. This kind of media content will stick in their noggins.

Humor can also be a way to gain trust, because when people laugh based on something said in the spot it can become a memorable moment, they will be more likely to remember.

This means that when creating something with laughs, the guffaws should come during a section that you desire the viewer to be able to recall later. This is why a very audience targeted premise overall is vital to have.

As of this writing, when one takes a look at many of the comedy advertising is going on, often has to do with an unlikely and odd spokesperson who is truly obsessed with the benefits of the product or service being offered.

This offbeat and funny character has as a central motivation to make sure everyone they ever come across knows of these incredible benefits. Failed attempts by a character to get a message across can be amusing.

The more absurd the character’s connection to the product is to while being seen in incongruous locations, the more potential for laughter there is.

But wait. What is the best moment to have laughter occur for the audience while watching the commercial? Often recommended is to have the height of comedy to occur in tandem with putting forth the entity being promoted.

Becoming Funny

USA HOW TO Write a Comedy Blog

Your Very Own Comedy Workshop

Are you not naturally funny but wish that you could be? Do you get jokes sometime days later? Are you not a quick wit? Would you like to write a comedy blog? If you answered “yes” to all of these questions then this blog post could be for you. On the other hand, if you could not relate to all four of the questions, please stop reading now. You are not comedically challenged and therefore none of this will be helpful to you.

A Secret to Being Humorous

Let’s examine the 4 questions and look at what they can reveal in terms of useful information that could be of interest to someone who does not consider herself or himself to be very funny. Chances are you are closer to being hilarious than you might think. If you are someone who comes up with a punchline or interjection of humor hours after you attempted to participate in group’s one liner banter, then taking time is your friend. Specifically taking time with writing.

What is Funny to You?

Write something down that is funny to you. For example I am one half of the comedy team called the Stamas Bros. Our brand of humor is definitely not for everyone. It is absurdist comedy that comes about through a slow process because I do not necessarily consider myself as someone who possesses a funny bone. So instead of having to instantaneously come up with quick comedy add-ons in group conversations, I first start with something that’s funny to me and then build on it at my own pace.


For example, the Stamas Bros’ latest escapade is facing the discovery that the world is ending on Tuesday. One of the bros is a guitarist and has a music gig on that same night. What is he to do? Now again, many of you will not find that premise just shared as deserving even a sneer let alone an all out hoot. Why? Because the idea is absurd and ridiculous. The globe isn’t going to have a meltdown on the day after Monday. It’s actually going to come about a year later as explored in the Stamas Bros’ latest installment.

An Unfunny Person

If I can be funny then so can you. I am the ultimate unfunny person in groups who says dumb things when trying to crack a spontaneous joke. But I am much better when taking the time to write my chortles down. I am more likely to get a guffaw by realizing that comedy can come from absurd situations.

It’s All About the Premise

Can you think of something absurd? Maybe weird is a better word or even zany. Just write about two things that would normally not be thought of as going together. Just like our example where a guy has a gig on the same day that life as we know it is being terminated. Music performance versus Armageddon. An unlikely pair. And a Stamas Bros episode is born.

Comedy is Hard

This is just one of so many ways of being amusing. Start watching comedies more closely, maybe even read comedy books. Be analytical and figure out why something in particular tickles your funny bones. There are many reasons something can cause a giggle.

Find the Key

Figure out what you find that brings a ha-ha-ha out of you. Then take your time as you utilize your observations of stuff that makes you cackle. If you find something chuckle-worthy chances are that others will as well. So take your time being funny as you write blog posts. You might even make your readers go tee-hee.