Loss of In-Person Education Led to Reinvention

Looking Back In its heyday (pre-COVID-19) NYC Workshops had the mission of partnering with businesses and educators to bring in-person education to those in need. Since then, with the pandemic virtually erasing the market for in-person educational opportunities, NYC Workshops adapted by providing remote education outside of just New York City. Transitioning is Easier Said […]

How to Survive as a Workshop Educator in a Pandemic

In-person workshops are at an all time low, with more people vying to stay home rather than go out, let alone traveling to a space and spend time learning. So what is a workshop educator to do? The answer is to take out that laptop or even your phone and start typing. What are you […]

Remember When TVs Were Cutting Edge?

Staying on Top Actually, I don’t remember when TVs were cutting edge because that happened before I was born. But there are those who do remember and are still alive. The point being that everything technological at one time was new and there are things not yet invented that will be new tomorrow. So how […]

NYC Workshops are Online

Differences Between Workshops and Classes We live in an online world, therefore our workshops at NYC Workshops are now online. Can a workshop be taught online? Absolutely. A workshop tends to be different than a class in that a workshop is more of an activity driven entity, while classes might be more lecture and assignment […]

Are You Using Digital Marketing Properly?

Market Yourself There are all different kinds of ways of marketing yourself. For example, the Stamas Bros use humor and Web Design Magician uses magic. But regardless of the way you promote yourself, you need to have a well thought out strategic approach of getting the word out there. That’s where social media can com […]


The latest post on the USAcreate.com blog, might be of interest to educators. It consists of encouraging words regarding your action plan. According to the entry, everyone needs an action plan and the more simple the better. Wait, I’m not going to give it away. Check it out here.