NYC Workshops

Can a Magician Save this Blog?

Getting NYC Workshops Back on Track

It’s been a good 8 or 9 months or so since the last blog entry on this blog. That’s a pretty long time. I’ve been asked by the editor of this publication to infuse NYC Workshops with a little bit of relevance, at least to the point of doing a short article. Who am I? I’m actually a former magician who last performed as a conjurer in his late teens as a semi-pro prestidigitator. My big last live show was something I staged in my high school theater that combined a storyline with magic tricks and media. Not such a big deal now, but that was a long time ago. What does being a magician have to do with getting this NYC Workshops blog back on track?

Another Kind of Workshop

The answer is that today I’m going to be talking not about where you can go to attend a workshop, but rather how you can throw a workshop for yourself. You see, it’s been nearly 40 years since I last performed in my top hat and cape (wow, 40, really!) and now need an organized way to get my performance mojo happening again. My decision of how to achieve this – which has been working – is to add a trick a day to my magic trick list. In other words I perform an effect for my wife and daughter and if they give their thumbs up, it gets added to my list. In truth I’m only at magic trick #2 but so far it’s been going pretty well. How hard can it be to reach a dozen or so or even more?!

In Closing

Do you have something, a skill of some kind, that you’d like to get going again? If so, before jumping into an expensive workshop, consider giving a workshop…for yourself! It’s magic!