Action Plan

Are You Using Digital Marketing Properly?

Market Yourself

There are all different kinds of ways of marketing yourself. For example, the Stamas Bros use humor and Web Design Magician uses magic. But regardless of the way you promote yourself, you need to have a well thought out strategic approach of getting the word out there. That’s where social media can com into effect. Social media is very much here and is not going anywhere soon. So for this NYC Workshops edition we’re going to take a gander at various things you can do in conjunction with your social, what they do and how they are helpful for someone wanting to market themselves.

Enhancing Your Skill Set

First off, even if you are pretty versed in social, you still may need to go back to the basics. Consider starting at zero again just so you are certain your foundation is solid. This is not about becoming a beginner again, but rather on heightening the impact your current skill set has.

See It Through Their Eyes

The first thing to look at is your content. Is it not leading the reader to follow through and take the action you desire her or him to do? If so this could be the need to work on the content, putting yourself in the place of the prospect. When performing live, Web Design Magician draws the audience in with illusion and entertainment.

Check the Efficiency of Your Solutions

Not getting action from your content on your social platforms could be due to not thinking things through as though you were the target demographic reading it. Is this exciting and offers a true solution to the problem of your demographic? If not, rework it.

The All Important CTA (Call to Action)

Sometimes not getting results can be due to not having had enough of a foundation in developing calls to action. You may need to seek out the help of professionals such as those at Web Design Magician or by taking a comedic look at the process of self promotion from the humorous Stamas Bros.

Linked In

Are you on Linked In? Chances are that you are, but are you making the best possible use of it? This means again putting yourself into the head space of the viewer and deciding if what you are offering is going to trigger action. And as mentioned earlier, sometimes humor is the way to do this. It certainly is with the Stamas Bros.

Prepare for that First Impression

The key here is personal branding. Everything you say, do or show is a part of the branding process of you and your business or career. You want to have it all planned out in advance because as the saying goes, you never get a second chance at a first impression.

Working with Influencers

Another path to consider is getting influencers and ambassadors on board. But if you do go this route you’re going to want to be sure to be available as a resource to them in terms of your business so that they can do the best job possible on your behalf.