Wearing an Online Marketing Hat

I was asked to do a blog post for NYC Workshops on the topic of me having me show you what it is like to be a Workshops Presenter. My day is very likely much like yours. I get up and go to work, which for me is sitting cross legged on my bed with my internet connecting laptop. If I have an NYC Workshops consultation, I often do it first thing in the morning. And then for the rest of my day I put on my online marketer hat and do the activities involved.

Work Life

As mentioned, the following of what I do occurs as I sit cross legged on my bed. Of course now with COVID-19, it is more common for just about everyone (except for front line workers) to work remotely from home. So for me, the pandemic didn’t change my work life too much.


Once on my computer I write for my various blogs. After finishing this I take a look at the client projects I am currently working on. I then delegate tasks to my online marketing team. This team consists of talented media individuals s all over the USA who specialize in specific elements of the online marketing process.

My First Priority

And lastly, I touch base with existing clients giving them updates even if they didn’t contact me first. Sometimes during the day I get emails from clients while working on other things. Returning these emails as quickly as I can is my first priority.