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NYC Workshops AI Feedback Idea Reinvention

The Ask AI Guy is innovating the promoting process with AI Marketing YOU, and the New York City (NYC) Workshops are significantly contributing to this transformation. These workshops are centered around harnessing AI’s predictive abilities, aiming to equip businesses with the knowledge to anticipate market trends and stay ahead of the competition in an increasingly dynamic marketplace.

In these NYC Workshops, emphasis is placed on AI’s transformational impact on market trend prediction. By employing AI’s capacity to analyze both historical and real-time data, marketers can foresee market trends and proactively shape their strategies. This knowledge empowers businesses to identify opportunities and potential challenges early on, thereby maintaining a competitive edge.

Consumer behavior prediction forms another vital aspect of the NYC Workshops. Recognizing and predicting consumer behaviors and preferences are pivotal in the marketing arena. Through AI’s predictive capabilities, patterns in consumer data can be analyzed to predict future behaviors, aiding businesses in crafting personalized and targeted marketing strategies.

Another focal point of the NYC Workshops is how AI can assist in anticipating competitive strategies. Analyzing public data from competitors, AI can identify patterns and trends, providing insights into probable future strategies. Armed with this understanding, businesses can adjust their strategies to stay ahead in the race.

The hands-on approach adopted by the NYC Workshops offers participants a tangible understanding of how to implement AI’s predictive capabilities within their businesses. Through real-world case studies and interactive sessions, participants are guided on how to effectively leverage AI tools and technologies, making these workshops a valuable resource.

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“Empire AI: Building in the Open, NYC Workshops Edition”

One of the significant attributes a small business, such as an event organizing entity, can offer to its community is a tailored experience that goes beyond the generic offerings of larger companies. This can be achieved by recognizing and leveraging the unique value proposition (UVP) inherent in their operations. A unique value proposition might, for instance, center around hosting workshops explicitly designed for specific neighborhoods, niches, or markets. This strategy would appeal to customers who desire localized experiences.

Such workshops could offer a significant advantage, particularly in diverse and multifaceted cities like New York City. New York is known for its numerous distinct neighborhoods, each boasting its unique cultural flavor, history, and community. A workshop organized in the heart of these communities could embrace these specificities, creating personalized experiences that resonate with local residents and visitors interested in an authentic experience.

For instance, a series of workshops could be designed to highlight the unique history and culture of each neighborhood in NYC. This could range from historical walking tours in the East Village to street art workshops in Bushwick, or even food tastings in Little Italy or Chinatown. The breadth of diversity in New York City provides an excellent opportunity to build events around these singular facets of each neighborhood.

Furthermore, by diving into niche markets, these workshops could provide educational and interactive experiences that larger event companies might overlook. Niche-specific workshops are more than just events; they’re an opportunity to learn, engage, and dive deeper into a specific subject matter. A well-structured workshop could provide participants with unique insights into niche interests, ranging from vintage photography to local craft beer brewing or sustainable urban gardening.

It’s also essential to think about how these workshops are promoted. Emphasizing the unique value proposition in promotional materials can help distinguish the offerings from those of other businesses. Tailored messaging can communicate the personalized, neighborhood-centric nature of the events, emphasizing the intimate, locally-focused experiences participants can expect to enjoy.

Social media could also play a crucial role in promoting these workshops. Platforms like Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook could serve as effective channels to share updates and engage potential attendees. Showcasing past events, sharing testimonials, and offering sneak peeks into upcoming workshops could stir anticipation and drive registrations.

Moreover, collaborations with local influencers or businesses can also help enhance the visibility of these workshops. These partnerships can offer mutual benefits, expanding the reach to relevant audiences while contributing to the local community’s economic activity.

The beauty of this approach lies in its scalability. While the focus is on tailoring workshops to specific NYC neighborhoods or niche markets initially, this concept can be expanded to other cities, each with their distinct characteristics and unique culture.

Finally, continual customer feedback should be an integral part of any event planning business. Feedback helps ensure the relevance of the workshops and their alignment with customer expectations. Gathering and integrating participants’ suggestions and ideas can contribute to creating ever more tailored, engaging, and unique experiences.

In summary, small event organizing businesses have the potential to differentiate themselves from larger companies by focusing on their unique value propositions. By offering neighborhood-specific or niche market workshops and promoting these unique offerings effectively, they can create a tailored and engaging experience that not only resonates with attendees but also contributes to the local community.

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NYC Workshops is Helped by Learning How to “AI Make Free App”

Making an app, easier than you might think?

If you have been following the NYC Workshops adventures over the last several years then you know that things like the Pandemic and more have manifested as challenges. And in the process of facing those obstructions, NYC Workshops has just gotten stronger, reinventing themselves as necessary. An example of this is that they are now looking into app development. Specifically the Ask AI Guy AI Make Free App. NYC Create are also participants in this project.

Below are some actual excerpts from the “AI Make Free App” short digital book from Ask AI Guy.

Following the steps detailed in NYC Workshops, next, you need to add your WordPress website to the app. This can be done, as shown in NYC Workshops, by navigating to the ‘Custom Pages’ menu in your AppPresser dashboard and adding your site’s URL. According to the guidance provided in NYC Workshops, you also have the option to select specific pages from your WordPress site to include in the app. NYC Workshops emphasizes that the plugin leverages the WordPress REST API to pull this data directly from your site.

Once the desired pages are added, the next stage, as suggested in NYC Workshops, is to customize your app’s appearance and functionalities using AppPresser’s visual app customizer. This feature lets you tweak everything from the app’s color scheme and layout to its functionality, all without writing a single line of code. By using this customizer, you can ensure that your mobile app aligns with your brand identity and provides an intuitive user experience.

The AppPresser plugin allows the integration of other WordPress plugins within the app, a feature NYC Workshops highly recommends. This means you can include the functionalities of your favorite WordPress plugins in your app. For instance, you could include eCommerce capabilities through WooCommerce, social media feeds, and even membership systems, adding valuable functionality to your app.

Upon completion of the customization process, NYC Workshops advises a thorough testing of your app. This step is crucial to ensure that your app works as expected and provides an excellent user experience. AppPresser provides a mobile app viewer that allows you to test your app on various devices. This tool is essential for identifying and rectifying any bugs or issues before your app goes live.

Following successful testing, NYC Workshops suggests turning to the app submission process. AppPresser provides detailed instructions and support for submitting your app to both Google Play for Android and the App Store for iOS. This guidance, as demonstrated in NYC Workshops, ensures that your app submission meets all necessary requirements, increasing the likelihood of approval.

Post-publication, NYC Workshops emphasizes the importance of regular app updates and maintenance. Technology is constantly evolving, and to keep your app relevant and efficient, regular updates are essential. Conveniently, AppPresser allows these updates to be done directly from the WordPress dashboard, simplifying the process.

An integral part of the app maintenance, as pointed out in NYC Workshops, is user feedback. User feedback is vital for identifying any issues or improvements that could enhance the app experience. NYC Workshops recommends regularly reviewing user feedback and incorporating necessary changes to ensure your app remains beneficial and engaging to your users.

In conclusion, NYC Workshops’ detailed guidance on using the AppPresser WordPress plugin for app transformation offers a simplified, yet effective method for businesses and individuals to extend their digital reach into the mobile space. Given the increasing usage of mobile devices for accessing online content, this transformation is critical for digital success.

By following NYC Workshops’ advice, users can ensure they are utilizing the best tools and practices for their digital transformation journey. The endorsement of the AppPresser WordPress plugin by NYC Workshops attests to its efficacy in helping businesses and individuals broaden their digital presence, improve user engagement, and remain competitive in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

NYC Workshops continues to deliver practical and relevant training on digital tools and strategies, empowering businesses and individuals to harness the power of technology for their benefit. The guidance offered by NYC Workshops on using the AppPresser WordPress plugin exemplifies this commitment and underscores the value of their expert advice in the digital transformation journey.

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Hold a Workshop Either Online, In-Person or Both, to Get the Word Out Regarding Your Expertise and How You Can Help Others

You Will Want to Hold an Online Workshop that Inspires Your Students to Take Lots of Notes!

Just as lecturing can be a great way to promote who you are and what you offer as an expert in your field, so also are workshops. At NYC Workshops here in Manhattan, New York City, over the years have presented several workshops/lectures at a SUNY location pre COVID.

Providing education that is of use to someone for what they do, can have a strong impact. And if you want to up your rates and be seen as an expert faster, you might consider doing a workshop anywhere in the country, not necessarily here in New York.

But even more important than just putting together workshop, is to always do what you feel is best for your customers.

If you are an expert in your profession and are aware of an area that you have expertise in and for which there is a need, if this subject matter has not been offered in workshop form you might want to consider doing an online lecture. Of course, many people give workshops online now to promote their services and products.

But if you are an expert of a much desired aspect of your field, this can provide protentional students great incentive to listen to you speak. Of course, if you do decide to hold a web based talk, you will need to promote it. Some do this on social media in some of the relevant groups. The key is to always be looking for opportunities to teach or in some way educate others regarding your expertise.

If you do decide to use social media groups as a place of spreading the word, you have to be very careful to not come across as “salesy” because this can be a big turnoff to people and could have the opposite outcome of them being interested in what you are offering.

It is suggested over and over and over again in promotional materials the recommendation of starting your own official newsletter in your area of expertise. The reason that it gets suggested so frequently, if done right it does work.

If you do have a newsletter already, needless to say this is a potential way you can get students. If you do not already have a newsletter the good news is that there are plenty of free ways you can do email marketing. Some the big email marketing providers have free versions of their product.

These email marketing providers usually have a limited amount of emails that you can gather for free. Once you go above that number, they will want you to pay. But, this can still be a good place to start because it means through your website, if you have one, your social accounts and so on, you can get subscribers. Always be working with the latest strategies.

Remember though, no one will sign up for your newsletter unless it is clear what is in it for them. If you are able to truthfully promise valuable information that they will find useful, they will subscribe and might even stay with you long term. If you do not make it clear what they get, you will have a tough time getting others interested in your offer.

Ultimately though, you are working toward getting individuals either in your industry or those who are interested in being a part of your field of work, to attend your workshop. If you offer the workshop for free, it might be a way of getting participants to purchase related products online.

But if you do plan to charge make certain that what you are providing information on is not easy to find and yet something for which those in your industry desperately want to know more about. This will mean they are motivated to want to attend your educational seminar.

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Gaining Knowledge Online and Off

Clearly what was originally known as the Corona-19 Virus changed everything quickly, including creating a new way that the majority of people used when it came to education. NYC Workshops had to pivot and with pre-existing students was able to teach in a new way for NYC Workshops which was to go online.

This proved initially to be quite uncomfortable. There was quite a learning curve. But as systems began to fall into place, it was clear that long term, given that there would be a “New Normal” we would get back to, learning on the web was bigger than ever.

NYC Workshops as a group of volunteers, has made its presence known in a variety of ways, but none of them relied on, ironically, word of mouth on the internet. Instead it was just old style word of mouth, which though, sometimes did occur via technology used for communication between people.

And the push to doing what you do online, turned out to be a good thing. It widened who you could reach. NYC Workshops no longer had to just be for New Yorkers. It could reach people all over the country or even world. And the idea of being able to get courses or even short form strategies just continues to surge.

Enter projects like the work-in-progress one known as METHOD HOW. There is no proper website for this learning entity at the time of writing this, but there might be now as of when you read these words.

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Is Your Audience You?

Thanks to the METHOD HOW Report for giving us permission to use this report as a blog post.

Is it possible that you yourself can be the kind of audience member you are trying to reach?.

How well do you know yourself?

Are You Yourself the Demographic You are Reaching out for?
We have been doing a lot of market research to determine if we are on track in terms of who we think is our target demographic. But all research aside, during the exploration process last week, it occurred to me that in many ways I might be seeking to reach an audience that is quite close to some of the traits that are my own.

All the Things that Collectively are You

And this is not by any stretch of the imagination a new concept. The theory in the past was that if you were the kind of person who you were marketing to, then if you “knew yourself well,” you could know your audience well also.

Primary Key

And knowing your audience and what they want is of course a primary key to success. A starting place in the research process is info like age, gender, income level, geographic location, family structure, religion, ethnicity, occupation, and education level.

Getting More in Depth

There are a lot psychological components as well that could help to uncover things like what motivates your audience to buy?

A Negative or Positive Approach?

One take on marketing is to help audience members get rid of pain points. The other is the flip side which is providing them with something upbeat that they want.

Where Trends Come From

Between entrepreneurial ventures I frequently found employment in the market research sector. Doing things like looking for mentions, or testing people to better understand their motivations. It was fun to see the origin of trends.

Predicting the Future?

But probably the most interesting to me was the process of trying to predict a consumers’ purchasing habits. And the better you were at predictions the more success you would have. And I was always conscious of trying to look at what people wanted in the short and long term.

Social Platforms and Search Engines

Social and Search are genius. They knew from the start that their business was not finding you info on a topic or facilitating your communication with your friends. No, their business was and is really DATA. They bestow to us the gift of flowers; we are the bees, and they take our honey.

It’s the Way it is?!

Yes, I know. No revelations here. But in a way that is what makes it worse. We know what is going on, but we let it happen to us anyway. They have worn us down. And because that practice is so widely utilized, sometimes we think to ourselves “Hey, what are we supposed to do? Get away from technology by being hermits in the woods?”


It is a bit shocking, when you think about it, that data miners try to get as close to us as possible so they can get to know what we are thinking about. In some ways maybe knowing more about ourselves than we do because of denial and such.

It is All About the Ads

Listening to yourself can reveal that even when we think we are safe and private, are we really? Why? Because the more they know about you, the better they can predict what you will buy. This translates into major wins for those selling ads.


Have you noticed how lately everyone in tech and big business is letting us know that they take our privacy very seriously? The irony is that they know we want more privacy because they got their information from invading our privacy!

Who Do You Trust?

And they continue to spy on you and me. But now they have a successful new campaign approach which is to be our protectors and keep us safe from big corporations. But can we trust them?!

What do you think?

I started this report with the question about can I, or you, reach an audience that has as its members those who are much like us in many ways?

Last Question…

One of my ventures that went well, was based on things I knew about myself that in turn made it clear to me what my audience wanted, but were not getting. So, I gave it to them and everyone was happy. But this was many years ago. Would such an approach work today? And even if so, how do you reach people who are like you? With social and search ads? To answer this question as well as many others, keep your eyes peeled for the next step of the currently work-in-progress METHOD HOW.

Action Plan Create

See the World Through Your Creativity Glasses but Watch Out for Negative Thoughts, unless You Put Them into Your Work in Your Own Particular Art Form

Works in Progress in NYC

In New York City where we are based, there is excitement and creativity all around you 24/7. Even with all that has happened to our wonderful city in recent times, the energy over the possibilities that are accessible, are stronger than ever. And one of the most successful ways of achieving, can be found in the idea of “workshopping.” Workshopping means that you do not have to get it to be perfect, because creating is a process, a workshopping of concepts and ideas.

Don’t Be Hard on Yourself with Negative Thoughts

This notion is very important because many people, maybe even you, are trapped by their judgement on themselves that they have to be perfect from the very beginning. This is simply not the case in reality. A workshop can be a forum for creativity, in which you build your idea from the bottom up. This concept of not having to be perfect from the very beginning can be quite powerful. When as a person you give yourself permission to not have to “get it all correct” from the word “Go.”

Welcome Creativity

Not being hard on yourself at critical moments allows you to keep moving forward so that you do not have to “have it all together” in the beginning and can develop what you are working on in phases. From one incarnation to the next you may very well find yourself learning while doing. This can be a great feeling in which you are able to have a sense of freedom in your creativity!

Becoming Funny

Some Thoughts on Doing an Online Comedic Video Ad

Say you have decided to take the daring jump into using comedy in conjunction with an ad you are creating. You start to look around for research items that can help with the process.

And one big question that comes up often is that of trying to figure out where in the commercial should the laughs be placed?

We all seek value in our lives, a desire for meaning and connection. And humor can be a wonderful way to have a message that matters as well as makes a brand stand out.

If you hit on something deeply important to a target demographic you can get the best of two worlds, expressing something meaningful to them tied to the product while simultaneously evoking a smile from them. This kind of media content will stick in their noggins.

Humor can also be a way to gain trust, because when people laugh based on something said in the spot it can become a memorable moment, they will be more likely to remember.

This means that when creating something with laughs, the guffaws should come during a section that you desire the viewer to be able to recall later. This is why a very audience targeted premise overall is vital to have.

As of this writing, when one takes a look at many of the comedy advertising is going on, often has to do with an unlikely and odd spokesperson who is truly obsessed with the benefits of the product or service being offered.

This offbeat and funny character has as a central motivation to make sure everyone they ever come across knows of these incredible benefits. Failed attempts by a character to get a message across can be amusing.

The more absurd the character’s connection to the product is to while being seen in incongruous locations, the more potential for laughter there is.

But wait. What is the best moment to have laughter occur for the audience while watching the commercial? Often recommended is to have the height of comedy to occur in tandem with putting forth the entity being promoted.


Digital Learning Products are More Viable than In-Person Workshops in the COVID Pushback Via Formulating, Naming and Digitizing

The New FORMULATING of Doing NYC Workshops No Longer In-Person while Trying to Find a New Path Online

For quite some time, including at this very moment as we type, we are unable to do in-person workshops. Although some are willing to brave it, most of our students still do not feel comfortable taking subways, thereby being thrust in an environment indoors which can put people very close to each other.

NAMING for Success?

Reinventing appears to not be perceived by local small businesses as an option, let alone changing their store’s name. Clearly just changing what people call their establishment is not going to have any magical outcomes in the physical locations, but if done in connection with a new website and digital transformation gives them the chance to better encapsulate in their title all of the new services and products

DIGITIZING Not an Option for Several Businesses?

Even though as of late many people pack into buses, it is not clear what their destinations are. It appears they are not going out to shop because entrepreneurs in large number are having to pull the plugs out of their retail locations.

What Do Fish have in Common with Public Transformation?

Here in Manhattan when I take a bus, it seems as though those who prior avidly traveled by subway (such as myself) are taking this new mode of transportation to escape the very real underground threats like violent fellow riders looking for a scapegoat and trains stopping leading to hysteria, plus like what happened just last year which was a flood that led to deaths in those trains below the metropolis. But worse of all from my perspective with the buses is the thriving for COVID due to people being in “Sardine Mode.”

City Life

But with more New Yorkers now opting for this above ground travel option, the results are not pretty. Let’s put it this way, the virus loves a group of humans squashed together because of not having enough space. Also, since we live in Manhattan NY’s Inwood neighborhood that is adjacent to Washington Heights, of “In the Heights” fame, we put ourselves at great risk when venturing outside. This is due to recent data showing that these two areas have the highest number of COVID cases in the city. How did this happen? It could have something to do with what appears to be the norm thus far, that only a small amount of us who reside here actually wear masks. Hard to say.

The Virus Appears to Not Be Too Friendly to Companies that Do Best with the Old-Style Business Model Necessitating that Customers Literally Be in the Same Room as Merchants

As you likely know, now that COVID is reaching out as an unwanted pal, sadly some businesses, despite trying every technique possible in their industry, have ultimately been forced to close. Yet simultaneously, other small business entrepreneurs have flourished. Those entities that have survived seem to be able to do much, or all, of their interactions with patrons digitally, while those who have had to close their doors tend to require an approach that is in-person.

Closing Thoughts

As we leave you for today, it is interesting to note that the topic has come up which is the two business models of retailers, those who can only function in-person, as opposed to those that either partially or fully can-do business digitally.


NYC Workshops, due to the Pandemic, is Moving Away from In-Person Learning and Collaborating on a Digital Learning Product on “Sustainable Branding” Endeavor that is Fully Digital and Involves 3 Other Collaborators

The Collective, ““Movie Process,” is Working on the Digital “Sustainable Branding” Project, Moving Away from In-Person Learning

The odd juxtaposition here is that “Movie Process” is contributing knowledge in their area of expertise, which is, well, “movie process.” Along with NYC Workshops, their partners include Media Administration (pioneering in media reinvention) and NYC AIM, former apprenticeship providers turned faction to lift and support the emergence of entrepreneurship for the people.

“What is “The Sustainable Branding Project” and How is it Helping NYC Entrepreneurs?” 

The Sustainable Branding Project has as their mission “To lift and support current as well as emerging New York City entrepreneurs who are making a difference in their communities.”

A lofty goal, yes, but one that involves four different Manhattan, NY, based informal groups including

NYC Workshops Collaborates with 2 Partners on Sustainable Branding

For the first time, NYC Workshops, a Manhattan, NY based education and live, in-person interactive entity, shows they can adapt to this era of a pandemic. How? They are moving away from their roots of solely doing in-person learning “happenings,” and currently have, as their primary mission and focus, moved away from what they for a long time have been most comfortable with. NYC Workshops’ Artistic Director puts it this way:

“We’ve known for quite some time that we are going to have to adapt to this unprecedented pandemic induced challenge, or inevitably, we will have to close. Doing, what for us, is a very “out of the box” agenda, we are proud to be a part of developing digital learning product for use by entrepreneurs, including small businesses and those considering starting one. We believe that entrepreneurship and independence is the future, and we want to be a part of that future. Our thanks to Media Administration for helping to nudge us toward this goal. Media Administration is not afraid of taking on controversial topics, like the leveraging of fear, and we commend them for their bravery.””

Why Sustainable Branding and Why Now with NYC AIM?

NYC Workshops believes that with in-person small businesses having to reinvent themselves by moving move toward digital transformation. NYC Workshops is thrilled that in addition to Media Administration as a collaborator, they have also joined with media apprenticeship providers NYC AIM. The goal is to start to produce digital learning collaborations toward creating digital education products in a variety of different formats ranging from mini eBooks with business and marketing strategies, to online courses that will include a variety of different forms of media

Yesterday they virtually met with one of their collaboration partners, NYC AIM and have begun to envision information products that can be delivered digitally aimed (pun intended) toward helping established as well as emerging entrepreneurs, with a proactive approach to succeeding in a very new and different world.