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See the World Through Your Creativity Glasses but Watch Out for Negative Thoughts, unless You Put Them into Your Work in Your Own Particular Art Form

Works in Progress in NYC

In New York City where we are based, there is excitement and creativity all around you 24/7. Even with all that has happened to our wonderful city in recent times, the energy over the possibilities that are accessible, are stronger than ever. And one of the most successful ways of achieving, can be found in the idea of “workshopping.” Workshopping means that you do not have to get it to be perfect, because creating is a process, a workshopping of concepts and ideas.

Don’t Be Hard on Yourself with Negative Thoughts

This notion is very important because many people, maybe even you, are trapped by their judgement on themselves that they have to be perfect from the very beginning. This is simply not the case in reality. A workshop can be a forum for creativity, in which you build your idea from the bottom up. This concept of not having to be perfect from the very beginning can be quite powerful. When as a person you give yourself permission to not have to “get it all correct” from the word “Go.”

Welcome Creativity

Not being hard on yourself at critical moments allows you to keep moving forward so that you do not have to “have it all together” in the beginning and can develop what you are working on in phases. From one incarnation to the next you may very well find yourself learning while doing. This can be a great feeling in which you are able to have a sense of freedom in your creativity!

Becoming Funny

Some Thoughts on Doing an Online Comedic Video Ad

Say you have decided to take the daring jump into using comedy in conjunction with an ad you are creating. You start to look around for research items that can help with the process.

And one big question that comes up often is that of trying to figure out where in the commercial should the laughs be placed?

We all seek value in our lives, a desire for meaning and connection. And humor can be a wonderful way to have a message that matters as well as makes a brand stand out.

If you hit on something deeply important to a target demographic you can get the best of two worlds, expressing something meaningful to them tied to the product while simultaneously evoking a smile from them. This kind of media content will stick in their noggins.

Humor can also be a way to gain trust, because when people laugh based on something said in the spot it can become a memorable moment, they will be more likely to remember.

This means that when creating something with laughs, the guffaws should come during a section that you desire the viewer to be able to recall later. This is why a very audience targeted premise overall is vital to have.

As of this writing, when one takes a look at many of the comedy advertising is going on, often has to do with an unlikely and odd spokesperson who is truly obsessed with the benefits of the product or service being offered.

This offbeat and funny character has as a central motivation to make sure everyone they ever come across knows of these incredible benefits. Failed attempts by a character to get a message across can be amusing.

The more absurd the character’s connection to the product is to while being seen in incongruous locations, the more potential for laughter there is.

But wait. What is the best moment to have laughter occur for the audience while watching the commercial? Often recommended is to have the height of comedy to occur in tandem with putting forth the entity being promoted.


Digital Learning Products are More Viable than In-Person Workshops in the COVID Pushback Via Formulating, Naming and Digitizing

The New FORMULATING of Doing NYC Workshops No Longer In-Person while Trying to Find a New Path Online

For quite some time, including at this very moment as we type, we are unable to do in-person workshops. Although some are willing to brave it, most of our students still do not feel comfortable taking subways, thereby being thrust in an environment indoors which can put people very close to each other.

NAMING for Success?

Reinventing appears to not be perceived by local small businesses as an option, let alone changing their store’s name. Clearly just changing what people call their establishment is not going to have any magical outcomes in the physical locations, but if done in connection with a new website and digital transformation gives them the chance to better encapsulate in their title all of the new services and products

DIGITIZING Not an Option for Several Businesses?

Even though as of late many people pack into buses, it is not clear what their destinations are. It appears they are not going out to shop because entrepreneurs in large number are having to pull the plugs out of their retail locations.

What Do Fish have in Common with Public Transformation?

Here in Manhattan when I take a bus, it seems as though those who prior avidly traveled by subway (such as myself) are taking this new mode of transportation to escape the very real underground threats like violent fellow riders looking for a scapegoat and trains stopping leading to hysteria, plus like what happened just last year which was a flood that led to deaths in those trains below the metropolis. But worse of all from my perspective with the buses is the thriving for COVID due to people being in “Sardine Mode.”

City Life

But with more New Yorkers now opting for this above ground travel option, the results are not pretty. Let’s put it this way, the virus loves a group of humans squashed together because of not having enough space. Also, since we live in Manhattan NY’s Inwood neighborhood that is adjacent to Washington Heights, of “In the Heights” fame, we put ourselves at great risk when venturing outside. This is due to recent data showing that these two areas have the highest number of COVID cases in the city. How did this happen? It could have something to do with what appears to be the norm thus far, that only a small amount of us who reside here actually wear masks. Hard to say.

The Virus Appears to Not Be Too Friendly to Companies that Do Best with the Old-Style Business Model Necessitating that Customers Literally Be in the Same Room as Merchants

As you likely know, now that COVID is reaching out as an unwanted pal, sadly some businesses, despite trying every technique possible in their industry, have ultimately been forced to close. Yet simultaneously, other small business entrepreneurs have flourished. Those entities that have survived seem to be able to do much, or all, of their interactions with patrons digitally, while those who have had to close their doors tend to require an approach that is in-person.

Closing Thoughts

As we leave you for today, it is interesting to note that the topic has come up which is the two business models of retailers, those who can only function in-person, as opposed to those that either partially or fully can-do business digitally.


NYC Workshops, due to the Pandemic, is Moving Away from In-Person Learning and Collaborating on a Digital Learning Product on “Sustainable Branding” Endeavor that is Fully Digital and Involves 3 Other Collaborators

The Collective, ““Movie Process,” is Working on the Digital “Sustainable Branding” Project, Moving Away from In-Person Learning

The odd juxtaposition here is that “Movie Process” is contributing knowledge in their area of expertise, which is, well, “movie process.” Along with NYC Workshops, their partners include Media Administration (pioneering in media reinvention) and NYC AIM, former apprenticeship providers turned faction to lift and support the emergence of entrepreneurship for the people.

“What is “The Sustainable Branding Project” and How is it Helping NYC Entrepreneurs?” 

The Sustainable Branding Project has as their mission “To lift and support current as well as emerging New York City entrepreneurs who are making a difference in their communities.”

A lofty goal, yes, but one that involves four different Manhattan, NY, based informal groups including

NYC Workshops Collaborates with 2 Partners on Sustainable Branding

For the first time, NYC Workshops, a Manhattan, NY based education and live, in-person interactive entity, shows they can adapt to this era of a pandemic. How? They are moving away from their roots of solely doing in-person learning “happenings,” and currently have, as their primary mission and focus, moved away from what they for a long time have been most comfortable with. NYC Workshops’ Artistic Director puts it this way:

“We’ve known for quite some time that we are going to have to adapt to this unprecedented pandemic induced challenge, or inevitably, we will have to close. Doing, what for us, is a very “out of the box” agenda, we are proud to be a part of developing digital learning product for use by entrepreneurs, including small businesses and those considering starting one. We believe that entrepreneurship and independence is the future, and we want to be a part of that future. Our thanks to Media Administration for helping to nudge us toward this goal. Media Administration is not afraid of taking on controversial topics, like the leveraging of fear, and we commend them for their bravery.””

Why Sustainable Branding and Why Now with NYC AIM?

NYC Workshops believes that with in-person small businesses having to reinvent themselves by moving move toward digital transformation. NYC Workshops is thrilled that in addition to Media Administration as a collaborator, they have also joined with media apprenticeship providers NYC AIM. The goal is to start to produce digital learning collaborations toward creating digital education products in a variety of different formats ranging from mini eBooks with business and marketing strategies, to online courses that will include a variety of different forms of media

Yesterday they virtually met with one of their collaboration partners, NYC AIM and have begun to envision information products that can be delivered digitally aimed (pun intended) toward helping established as well as emerging entrepreneurs, with a proactive approach to succeeding in a very new and different world.


Business Acumen Versus a Creative Outlook

Taking Action to Help Him Find a Solution to His “Problem”

The more I bantered back and forth in my mind about the whole Business Acumen Versus a Creative Outlook, an idea started to gel. Wonder if I could somehow show him a way to easily start a digital business that would allow him to do something similar to the retail location business, now being web only?!

A Strategy that is Less than 9 Pages Long, only 9 Steps to Do

Although I had experience writing eBooks, I did not create one as it would take too long and they often give only general information not specific. My friend needed something specific. He needs a strategy. The strategy I created was less than 9 pages long and consisted of a procedure of only 9 steps in a row. I looked forward to showing this to my friend.

Important Note, He Had Done His Due Diligence

I should also point out that my friend had done his analyzation of his undertaking to open an NYC shop. Everything pointed to it working. Additionally, he had done some promotion for it. Plus, he had followed the mantra “location, location, location.” Yet, despite these factors he had not gotten a single customer during an entire month.

I Had My Own Fear of Rejection

The funny twist, at least to me, was that I was extremely nervous showing my friend the strategy I had created. I too considered myself creative first, but out of intense need somehow managed to pull together entrepreneurial pursuits.

He Needed to Heal, but Against Better Judgement I Emailed it to Him

Hoping that sending him the strategy did not cause even more pain for my friend, I waited with bated breath

He Opened the Strategy and Even Looked Over the 9 Steps

Needless to say, I was overjoyed. He got back to me a few hours later, thanking me for giving him the strategy and that he thought it was interesting. There was no confirmation that he was actually going to use it, but at least the process had been started. I am just happy that the whole thing (at least at this point) had not blown up in my face.

Action Plan

Loss of In-Person Education Led to Reinvention

Looking Back

In its heyday (pre-COVID-19) NYC Workshops had the mission of partnering with businesses and educators to bring in-person education to those in need. Since then, with the pandemic virtually erasing the market for in-person educational opportunities, NYC Workshops adapted by providing remote education outside of just New York City.

Transitioning is Easier Said than Done

NYC Workshops has been experimenting with a digital business model for their constituency, many of whom are homebound. It has been a challenging process with a high learning curve to overcome.

Multifaceted Approach

The NYC Workshops ‘program has always had the focus of offering interactive project focused education. This manifests as combining lectures, with interactive student participation and even the students becoming the teachers.

Action Plan

Learn Strategies to Create and Facilitate Useful Educational Workshops Despite COVID-19 and a Country Divided

Learn to Facilitate

In this era of the Coronoavirus, now more than ever interactivity, fun and ultimately educational workshops need to be implemented. This is because the more opportunities to safely be a part of a class from your own home, the better. Now thanks to technologies like Zoom and beyond, you can be a part of an experience via your computer’s ability to transmit audio and video. Yes, even while isolated in your house or apartment of the Pandemic you can still have wonderful group experiences. Want to facilitate such a venture. You’re in luck. Here’s how:

Breakdowns of a Total Plan

To start with, you need to think about if this will be a single time happening or if it will be extended over time through sequential visits. The reason this is important is because each of this approaches impacts how your lesson plan is created. If your offering occurs only one time total you need to include the beginning, middle and and within the same undertaking. Whereas if it is extended with weekly or daily visits, each segment covers consecutive smaller breakdowns of a total plan.

Be Inspired to Be Inspiring

To make certain that your happening is inspirational and useful you need to integrate what you find to be inspirational and useful yourself. This is because if you experience these elements, your students are more likely to take in these goals as well.

Clarity is Vital

Stay with it and do not get discouraged. Yes, developing a single or sequence of experiences can be challenging, but if you stick with it and give it your best creatively, you will succeed. And remember it is all about your blueprint. If you do not have a clear cut lesson plan you will not succeed. Think of it this way, would you build a house without a plan? Of course, and the same goes for you as well.

A Day in the Life

Yianni Stamas asks “As an American Do You Know what Your Rights Are?”

Are Human Rights Meaningful to You?

Welcome to “NYC Workshops” on this important day known as Human Rights Day on today December 10. On this day we acknowledge the important work that crusaders in the past have done as well as a welcome extended for others to participate. What Human Rights are meaningful to you?

A Celebration

Human Rights Day on December 10th annually seeks to honor the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR).


The UDHR is something that was drafted once the United Nations was formed and was a significant achievement by those involved. Let’s live it together!

NYC Workshops

Spiritual Workshops


There is a lot of misuse out there in regards to “Spiritual” Workshops. There is a stream of gurus lined up to help you see the light. They all need to make money to survive just like anyone else, therefore when trying to get your business, their claims get more and more absurd,

Spiritual Workshops

Recently I experienced an evening where my already flat feet finally lost all of my tiny bit of arch left, causing unbelievable pain. Juxtaposed with this occurrence, my family and myself attended a “New Age” (for lack of better name) trade show where individuals were pitching their spiritual workshops.

Promotional Claims

They were all seated behind tables like at any other convention, with each spiritualist explaining why she or he was the best in the room and could make you feel good about yourself the fastest.

Finding the Meaning of Life

Walking around booth to booth to booth we never did fine the meaning of life, though we did get a lot of brochures for it. My final loss of my arch didn’t occur until the walking to our New York subway to take us home. I tried to read marketing materials from the psychics while on the train, but my feet hurt too much. I didn’t need a chaneller  in touch with infinity. I needed a DPM (Doctor of Podiatric Medicine).


From Educators to Teaching Educators

It All Started in the City NYC

NYC Workshops worked with a leading after school program, then went on to exploring different workshops that were available in the city.

Teachers Who Make a Difference

Many different producing partners have evolved over the years bringing in exciting teachers.

Resources Galore

NYC Workshops now provides blog resources for Educators.