Loss of In-Person Education Led to Reinvention

Looking Back

In its heyday (pre-COVID-19) NYC Workshops had the mission of partnering with businesses and educators to bring in-person education to those in need. Since then, with the pandemic virtually erasing the market for in-person educational opportunities, NYC Workshops adapted by providing remote education outside of just New York City.

Transitioning is Easier Said than Done

NYC Workshops has been experimenting with a digital business model for their constituency, many of whom are homebound. It has been a challenging process with a high learning curve to overcome.

Multifaceted Approach

The NYC Workshops ‘program has always had the focus of offering interactive project focused education. This manifests as combining lectures, with interactive student participation and even the students becoming the teachers.

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Learn Strategies to Create and Facilitate Useful Educational Workshops Despite COVID-19 and a Country Divided

Learn to Facilitate

In this era of the Coronoavirus, now more than ever interactivity, fun and ultimately educational workshops need to be implemented. This is because the more opportunities to safely be a part of a class from your own home, the better. Now thanks to technologies like Zoom and beyond, you can be a part of an experience via your computer’s ability to transmit audio and video. Yes, even while isolated in your house or apartment of the Pandemic you can still have wonderful group experiences. Want to facilitate such a venture. You’re in luck. Here’s how:

Breakdowns of a Total Plan

To start with, you need to think about if this will be a single time happening or if it will be extended over time through sequential visits. The reason this is important is because each of this approaches impacts how your lesson plan is created. If your offering occurs only one time total you need to include the beginning, middle and and within the same undertaking. Whereas if it is extended with weekly or daily visits, each segment covers consecutive smaller breakdowns of a total plan.

Be Inspired to Be Inspiring

To make certain that your happening is inspirational and useful you need to integrate what you find to be inspirational and useful yourself. This is because if you experience these elements, your students are more likely to take in these goals as well.

Clarity is Vital

Stay with it and do not get discouraged. Yes, developing a single or sequence of experiences can be challenging, but if you stick with it and give it your best creatively, you will succeed. And remember it is all about your blueprint. If you do not have a clear cut lesson plan you will not succeed. Think of it this way, would you build a house without a plan? Of course, and the same goes for you as well.

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Yianni Stamas asks “As an American Do You Know what Your Rights Are?”

Are Human Rights Meaningful to You?

Welcome to “NYC Workshops” on this important day known as Human Rights Day on today December 10. On this day we acknowledge the important work that crusaders in the past have done as well as a welcome extended for others to participate. What Human Rights are meaningful to you?

A Celebration

Human Rights Day on December 10th annually seeks to honor the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR).


The UDHR is something that was drafted once the United Nations was formed and was a significant achievement by those involved. Let’s live it together!

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Spiritual Workshops


There is a lot of misuse out there in regards to “Spiritual” Workshops. There is a stream of gurus lined up to help you see the light. They all need to make money to survive just like anyone else, therefore when trying to get your business, their claims get more and more absurd,

Spiritual Workshops

Recently I experienced an evening where my already flat feet finally lost all of my tiny bit of arch left, causing unbelievable pain. Juxtaposed with this occurrence, my family and myself attended a “New Age” (for lack of better name) trade show where individuals were pitching their spiritual workshops.

Promotional Claims

They were all seated behind tables like at any other convention, with each spiritualist explaining why she or he was the best in the room and could make you feel good about yourself the fastest.

Finding the Meaning of Life

Walking around booth to booth to booth we never did fine the meaning of life, though we did get a lot of brochures for it. My final loss of my arch didn’t occur until the walking to our New York subway to take us home. I tried to read marketing materials from the psychics while on the train, but my feet hurt too much. I didn’t need a chaneller  in touch with infinity. I needed a DPM (Doctor of Podiatric Medicine).

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From Educators to Teaching Educators

It All Started in the City NYC

NYC Workshops worked with a leading after school program, then went on to exploring different workshops that were available in the city.

Teachers Who Make a Difference

Many different producing partners have evolved over the years bringing in exciting teachers.

Resources Galore

NYC Workshops now provides blog resources for Educators.

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The Door You Likely Will Not Pass Through

Some of the projects that we can further, are those that could be designated for grants. It is increasingly difficult to get grants though, unless you fit the description that grant givers are looking for and secretly feel they must in order to look good.

If you are not the classic demographic, you might as well not try to enter the doorway and put your energy instead into making a difference in alternative ways.

Again, you are in a fortunate position. Even though it seems at time frustrating that you have to worker harder while others have access to an abundance of housing, food and artistic resources just because they are destitute. We are a better world for it.

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How to Survive as a Workshop Educator in a Pandemic

In-person workshops are at an all time low, with more people vying to stay home rather than go out, let alone traveling to a space and spend time learning.

So what is a workshop educator to do? The answer is to take out that laptop or even your phone and start typing. What are you typing? You are taking the first step toward starting your own digitally based business!

You may have heard the term “Digital Transformation?” If not, this means the process of making your business more digital. If you are an educator now you can pivot to a new business model, one in which you sell lessons and workshops on digital, in the comfort of their own home. There is a lot of information online both about Digital Transformation and creating and selling online workshops!

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A Day in the Life of a Workshop Presenter

Wearing an Online Marketing Hat

I was asked to do a blog post for NYC Workshops on the topic of me having me show you what it is like to be a Workshops Presenter. My day is very likely much like yours. I get up and go to work, which for me is sitting cross legged on my bed with my internet connecting laptop. If I have an NYC Workshops consultation, I often do it first thing in the morning. And then for the rest of my day I put on my online marketer hat and do the activities involved.

Work Life

As mentioned, the following of what I do occurs as I sit cross legged on my bed. Of course now with COVID-19, it is more common for just about everyone (except for front line workers) to work remotely from home. So for me, the pandemic didn’t change my work life too much.


Once on my computer I write for my various blogs. After finishing this I take a look at the client projects I am currently working on. I then delegate tasks to my online marketing team. This team consists of talented media individuals s all over the USA who specialize in specific elements of the online marketing process.

My First Priority

And lastly, I touch base with existing clients giving them updates even if they didn’t contact me first. Sometimes during the day I get emails from clients while working on other things. Returning these emails as quickly as I can is my first priority.

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Remember When TVs Were Cutting Edge?

Staying on Top

Actually, I don’t remember when TVs were cutting edge because that happened before I was born. But there are those who do remember and are still alive. The point being that everything technological at one time was new and there are things not yet invented that will be new tomorrow. So how do you stay on top of this as an educator?

Can You See Into the Future

The answer is that you need to be listening to the future and be able to anticipate what is coming next. This is no easy task and takes practice to be able to do. And of course is not always right. In other words, you can think you are seeing into the future of education, but you are not.

Give ‘Em What They Want

Don’t worry too much about predicting the future. You just need to be in synch with the times and have an understanding and insight into what your audience wants. Give education to them better than the next guy and you will be fine.

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NYC Workshops are Online

Differences Between Workshops and Classes

We live in an online world, therefore our workshops at NYC Workshops are now online. Can a workshop be taught online? Absolutely. A workshop tends to be different than a class in that a workshop is more of an activity driven entity, while classes might be more lecture and assignment oriented.

Growing Web Based Learning

Needless to say that this isn’t an absolute. Both workshops and classes can share many attributes including being online. At this stage of the game, we at USA How To, DIYdigi and more are committed to working and growing in web based learning.

No Need to Step Outside

What does this mean to you? It means that in our current Coronavirus environment, you no longer have to go out of doors to attend an NYC Workshop.

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